Remote Control Card

Playstation3 Remote Control Birthday Card.

Fold black card stock to fit the template, the two flaps at the top should be scored and flipped back to the other side of the card.

Make sure the top part of the template is lined straight down with the folded part of the card. Trace the template and carefully cut to shape.


Flip the card around, see were the arrows is pointing trace the two flaps to form the triggers for the remote control and on that side only use a Stanly knife to cut the shape so they can flip up.


This is how it looks when the card is opened and standing upright, the two flaps are still down at this point.


Use 1", 1.5" and 2" circle punches on black card stock to make two sets of circles.


Layer the 2" circles down first with 3D foam as shown.  

Next add the 1.5" circles with 3D form and attach to the card. 

Before adding the two 1" circles cut two small pieces of paper into rectangle shapes and fold them to make the springs for the toggles.  

Then add double sided tape between the 1.5" and the 1" circles to attach the springs as shown by the arrow.  

This way the toggles have a bit of movement.

With the toggles sticking out and the triggers popping up from the card, the remote control is starting to take shape.

Make two cross shapes with double sided foam tape onto black card stock.


Cut around the tape leaving room right around this shape.  

Turn them around and add each shape to the center of the 2" circles.

On the left hand side of the control there are four small buttons and four small arrows.

I cut them out from black card stock and used the Xyron to add adhesive to the back of each piece and added them onto the remote control.


Add a rectangle and triangle shape with black card stock to the center of the control and with white gel pen add the words Sony, Select, Start.

On a small circle with black card stock add the control symbol placing this at the lower part of the control.

Then to finish the job on the left side of the control add symbol's X, circle, triangle and square with white gel pen.  

For template of the remote control click here.

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Anonymous said...

loved making the playstation card and my grandson thought it was fantastic

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